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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Honeypot sensors to Raspberry Pi

Hi guys,

Just a quick note.

It's Pi mania here! After setting up the CIC News engine on a Raspberry Pi I'm now working on the honeypots.

Installed the honeypot software Kippo, Honeyd and my additional scripts onto a Raspberry Pi (a HoneyPi!). I'm in proces of copying the collected data (for statistics) from my server to the HoneyPi so the generated charts have the input data since the sensors are running. After the import I can run the honey sensors on the HoneyPi.

I need to test the functionality in the next couple of days and set-up the automatic blog postings on the HoneyPi. This means that the daily statistics and the realtime SSH honey overview can be offline during the next couple of days.

Also written installation instructions for Kippo and Honeyd (almost got Thug working again) onto a Pi, will publish the instructions in the next couple of days.


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