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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

HoneyPi up and running

Hi guys,

So got the honeypot sensors running on the Raspberry Pi.

After tweaking some of my scripts the whole system is fully operational again. So the automatic postings to this blog and Twitter are also up and running again (this time from the Pi). This means that the automated postings from the Kippo SSH honeypot and Honeyd IIS webserver are going to resume again.

Created a basic image for the honeypots, ready to use out of the box.
So if any of you readers know a quick way to clean up the distribution (traces of my internal network), please share!

Also working on getting Thug and Dionea running on the Pi.

Last thing, created a GeoRSS a couple of weeks ago from the IP's that connected to the SSH Honeypot. The GeoRSS feed is also going to be automatically updated every night again. You can find it here:

Soon more.


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